How to Become a Cheerleading Coach


Before you start coaching, it is essential that you go through training and certification - not only to ensure the safety and welfare of your athletes, but also to gain some valuable lessons and tips to bring your squad to success. Whether it's in cheer, stunt, pom, dance or sideline, appropriate certification if a MUST.

Be warned that cheerleading coaching qualifications are not yet standardized to reflect a minimum standard. This may mean that after taking some of the courses, you may have the qualification on paper, but not necessarily the knowledge to provide safe and effective coaching. Click here to find out more about some of the coaching qualifications available in the UK.


Cheerleading is a very diverse and multifarious sport which includes some of the following types; pom dance, cheer dance, group stunt, partner stunt and that is by means and exhaustive list! Therefore there really is a cheer style for everyone, so consider carefully what you want and what your squad can achieve and be realistic. You can always add more levels of difficulty or more stunting as and when your core cheer skills improve.

Each cheerleading company will have their own standard of procedures and guidelines to help you start up a squad, basing it on their own criteria. You will need to contact them directly to find out more details. However basic bureaucratic documents you may need to think about are:

  • A constitution
  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policies
  • Insurance

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