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Cheerleading Choreography

Cheerleading choreography can be the make or break factors of your cheerleading routine, whether it's for a half-time performance, pep rally or a competition. Regardless of the style or the reason for the performance, there are a few factors that always apply:
  • Showcase the best of your cheerleader's skills at their maximum ability
  • Perform skills that your cheerleaders are confident and safe to perform
  • Create a spectacle that combines movement, skill, visual affects and music
  • Make creative use of your squad's skills
  • The speed of the performance needs to be high-energy, but at the right speed for the level of your cheerleaders to be safe and clean



Different types of cheer routines may require a combination of: jumps, dance, stunts, tumbling and pyramids. If you are looking to create a routine for your competitions, make sure you do the following:

  • Select the right level / division for your team
  • Create or get an original cheerleading mix made for your routine
  • Look for the latest scoresheets that your competition organizers use, and make sure your routine usese a good balance of all the required criteria
  • Check the rules for illegal stunts
  • Look on Youtube for inspiration for your leve
  • Don't feel pressured into entering a level that your cheerleaders cannot maximise their skills at: you should always aim to max out the level that best suits you, not enter the highest level that you can enter just because you have a few of the skills
  • Seek help from a more senior coach or choreographer if you are unsure

If you are looking for routines for pep rallies, sports or events where you are not required to compete, you may be required to come up with easier but more frequent choreography. This can be time consuming to choreograph and for your cheerleaders to learn. Here are a few tips for great performance routines:
  • Choose a popular song that will get the crowd going
  • Create a routine that focuses on visual rather than on difficulty of skills
  • Only include very safe stunts if you are not competing on a cheer mat
  • Create choreography that is easy for everyone to remember: so keep it simple, and repeat segments in the chorus, verse and bridges so that it's not too much to remember week in, week out

If you are interested in this type of choreography and need a little extra help, then you will love CHEER PRO™ choreography! The aim of CHEER PRO™ is to create fun cheer dance routines that can be performed with pom poms. Either for cheerleaders for commercial  performances, for fun, or cheerleading dance classes.

All CHEER PRO™ routines are designed so that he choreography is taught using chorus and verse structure, so they are very easy to remember. The routine is then a great way for classes. cheerleading teams and groups to build performances for all types of non-competitive events, so you can build up a big library of routines!

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